Process of writing a blog and reflection

Creating this blog was the first time I had attempted to post my writing and findings online. I was pleasantly surprised as to how simple it was. I thought I wouldn’t enjoy the blog writing process as I thought it would be very difficult, however I have thoroughly enjoyed researching a textile tradition, an era and a museum object as I have learned a lot by doing this.

I was quite overwhelmed by all the different layouts and styles of blogs when It came to choosing my own. I wanted it to suit my style and taste and for it to also look professional. I found a design, that I thought was most suitable, after testing a few out. I chose a minimal design as I didn’t want to take the focus off my writing.


Figure 1- My Blog (9/12/16)

Reviewing another colleagues work is a great way to take inspiration and a way to give them feedback so it is very beneficial. Therefore, I will be reviewing a fellow students blog – Shanice England’s blog.


Figure 2 -Shanice’s Blog (9/12/16)

Like me, Shanice has created her blog for the Critical and Contextual module for Textile design. When I first viewed Shanice’s blog, I thought the colours worked well and looked quite subtle which I believe looks better on a blog as it isn’t too overpowering. For each post, Shanice put a clear title at the top, explaining what the contents of the post is. Her writing has been executed to a high standard. She has followed the Harvard referencing method which can be difficult to do. The only negative I must say about Shanice’s blog is that it is missing a couple of posts but I’m sure when they are complete they will be done the same standard as the others!


Figure 3 -Example of Shanice’s Writing (9/12/16)

If I were to continue writing posts for my blog, I think I would like to include my own work and more research into artists I like so whoever visits my blog can get more of a feel of my tastes, style and preferences as a designer.

Word Count: 323


ENGLAND, S. (2016) [Weblog]. Critical and Contexual studies: Textile Design. Available from: [Accessed 9/12/16]

Image References:

Figure 1: An image of my blog

Figure 2: Image of Shanice England’s blog

Figure 3: Example of Shanice England’s writing.


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