All About Me


My name is Faith Cunningham and I am currently studying Textile Design at De Montfort University. Having lived in Nottingham, my favourite things to do there are to visit the tourist attractions such as The Nottingham Contemporary and Attenborough Nature Reserve. These are all places where I get a vast amount of inspiration from, especially Attenborough Nature Reserve which was created on flooded gravel pits in 1966. (Anonymous, March 2015) “Working with the local Wildlife Trust, CEMEX UK has turned disused gravel pits at its Attenborough quarry in Nottinghamshire, UK, into a 145-hectare nature reserve that attracts rare wild birds and has an award-winning education centre.” (Anonymous, 2015) Because of this, CEMEX was presented with a “prestigious award” for its restoration work. (Anonymous, August 2006)

Figure 1- Attenborough Nature Reserve (n.d)

I often use black fine liner pens to record my findings. My favourite fine liner pens to use are the “Derwent Graphik Line Marker pens” described as “smooth, free-flowing line work, with quick-drying ink to prevent smudging”. (Anonymous, 2014). I think the monochromatic effect is classic. Although, I do add colour to some of my designs through the use of watercolour, as I think the contrast of the harsh black lines and delicate watercolour is particularly effective. They can be brought online here.


Figure 2 – Derwent Graphik Line Marker (2014)

One of my main inspirations for this style of work is Bodil Jane. An illustrator from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Her work is mainly black outlines filled in with colour. it states on her website she uses “mostly ink and watercolour” (Jane, n.d). Her practice is heavily plant and nature based which attracted me to her work. Some of my favourite illustrations of hers are from her “Plant Journal”.


 Figure 3 – ‘Botanical Scenes’ By Bodil Jane (2016)


Figure 4- ‘The Plant Journal’ By Bodil Jane


Figure 5-‘Wild Life’ By Bodil Jane (2016)

Another inspiration of mine is Orla Kiely. “Using a blend of starkly graphic prints and geometric shapes, Kiely’s passion for 1950s, 1960s and 1970s-inspired patterns has become the basis of her distinctive brand look.” (Hosea, 2008) Orla’s inspiration is “mid-century modern design”. (Kiely, 2012). In her book, “Pattern”, Kiely states that she keeps a “scrapbook or a digital file of images helps with any kind of creative decision making”. (Kiely, 2012) I completely agree with this statement which is why I decided to keep an online file of all my inspirations. This helps me with ideas for drawings, sketches and samples.


Figure 6- ‘Pattern’ By Orla Kiely (2012)



Figure 7 – ‘Stem’ By Orla Kiely (2010)

Word Count: 327


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